Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Writings and musings

so this is where I'll post the stuff I write during our writing groups. I want my stuff to get read, but I don't want to clog my regular blog with it... so here it is.

How the writing group works:
We meet weekly at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Jen, our leader, gives us a line to start with -- a lead. Sometimes it's "Shit!Shit!SHIT!" or "Celebacy had never been a problem, thank God." and we, the writers, take it from there. As you'll see, my story that came from the Celebacy line had nothing to do with sex or sexuality. Go figure.

Anyway, postings will happen weekly if possible....



Meg in Nelson said...

Can't wait, can't wait... Hurry!!

Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, when, when, when???