Tuesday, August 14, 2007

She was confusing me....

She was confusing me. This was my tragedy, and I didn't know why she had to take ownership. I wanted to tell my story -- not sit back and let her take over. I stopped, drew a deep breath and said aloud "Stop!"

She looked at me as though I dropped my trousers or something. I looked back at her and said " this isn't about you. I wanted you to hear my story - I need to tell it myself"

Jen's eyes slid away and then she put her head down. "sorry" she whispered "I just get so involved...." her voice trailed off.

I understood. I knew how that felt. I often had owned Maggie's angst all those years ago. I pulled her into my arms and held her. She was much smaller than I'd imagined. Her head came just under my chin. I murmured into her hair "I love that you care" and then I realized that she was crying.

See. She always makes it about her!


Meg in Nelson said...

Maggie or Jen? I, too, am a little confused, but this "I" is you, Liz.

Meg in Nelson said...

Or were you meaning to confuse me?