Sunday, January 23, 2011


Copper...yeah. Copper. Not cooper - 'cause that would be a barrel - big and round. Copper.

I tried to write it down but all I got was a scrawl.

Copper. Yeah. I can remember that. Copper Pipe.

I went out to the garage.

Orange. sometimes green. That's the color of those long narrow pipes made of.....

I looked at the car. It was dusty

..But Trusty!

the word sprang into my mind and I smiled feeling (finally) familiar to myself.

I tried the car door but it wouldn't open. I looked at the garage wall and a button glowed brightly. I pushed it and the big garage door opened.

Orange...Oranges...Oranges and... Olives!!

I walked around the car and the keys fell from my hand to the floor. I examined the key fob. More buttons. I pushed one and the car beeped.

"Hi!!!" I breathed..."Oh, Hi!!"

I opened the unlocked car door and slid behind the wheel.

Olives and....Vodka!!

I wrinkled my nose. I don't like vodka. Maybe I'm having a party. I'll need wine for the party, too.

The keys grew warm in my hand. Some motions, like the ones you've practiced your whole adult life are in grained in you - like breathing. I knew what to do with the keys and the car started.

Wine and Vodka.

Wine and Vodka.

Where do I get that? I thought I was going to the hardware store.....

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