Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Rainbow

"I remember being shinier" Nathan said as he looked at the photo projected on the wall.

"This is the gayest photo of all time" Nick said. "Seriously dude, we can't show this one to our parents!"

"I did" I said. "I showed it to my mom"

"Seriously????" Nathan asked.

I looked at the photo. In it Nick, Nathan and I were shirtless having just hiked down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon. It had been hot - over a hundred - and we'd hiked through cloudbursts. Now the sun was setting and our skin glowed in the soft sunlight. Our hair was damp and hastily pushed out of our eyes with sweaty hands. But best of all, behind us a double rainbow lit up the sky like two rainbow flags.

"Yeah. Mom said we looked like an advert for 1-900-dial-men."

"Your mom," Nick snorted, "she's cool!"

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