Saturday, September 22, 2007

Many blocked people.....

"Many blocked people are actually powerful and creative", I wrote, and then thought - if I could only get this stick out of my ass I would be one of them --- the powerful and creative.

I know it's possible to go from blocked to creative but not today - not for me. Today I am stressed about the car. I just bought it, damn thing, and why is the check engine light on? Why are used car sales men such pricks? "It won't be covered by the warranty" - my ass. Do you, brainiac on the other end of the phone, know what's wrong with it? NO! Do you even know which extended warranty I have? NO! Shows to go ya you're an a-hole.....

Oh yeah, back to powerful and creative. If I were all powerful I would..... extract revenge on used car sales men. Wow! I am feeling a bit vindictive. How about if I try writing fiction instead of this mag piece I'm attempting on spec? My antagonist would be --a used car sales man!

Or, maybe, while I'm taking a break I'll watch the bit in True Lies where Ahnohld takes the used car sales man for a spin and imagines punching him in the face......

I get up, stretch, and walk away from the computer. My dog looks up hopefully. When I start down the stairs, he too, stretches, yawns and follows me down. About half way down he speeds up - knocking me sideways just in case there is a tasty morsel still in his bowl that I might snatch if I got there first.

I recover my balance and finish my descent. He greets me with a grin around the leash he's dragged over from the chair.

"Okay," I say, "I'm not working anyway."

And we head out the door into the afternoon sun.

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