Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cold Air, Blue Sky.

Cold air, blue sky. My own slice of heaven. Lying on my bed with the air conditioner blowing full blast across my body, I kept my eyes on the patch of blue sky that I could see through the sky light.

I felt my body sink into the firmness of my bed. My mind drifted but my eyes fixed hard on the patch of blue.

It had been raining and grey for so long. And it was so hot and humid that the windows sweated and fogged even if they were sheltered from the pouring rain. For a time, stranded in my house by the rising water of the creek, I'd felt like Noah. A check of the calendar, a flick of the wrist on the 'net and I was immediately assured hat it had been four not 40 days. Still..... Blue sky.

Some time later I awoke. The patch of blue had given way to black and I could see the moon playing hide and seek among misty clouds. I shrugged into my robe and stepped out onto the deck. Steamy. Humid and steamy. The grass in my back yard seemed to have grown a foot in the past four days. Mowing would be on the list for tomorrow, I thought, and prayed for a cool breezy afternoon. The sweat that formed on my skin, though, didn't cool me even at this late hour and I knew my wish was denied. Sighing, I stepped back into my sanctuary and shut the door against the oppressive heat.

Orange juice and eggs later, I switched on the TV. Predictably, it was all about the weather - absurd temperatures and high humidity - better than 70% - bathed the continent. More rain was coming. So much water.

Since the ice caps melted drought had not been a problem. Flooding though, particularly on the coast and in the lower lying central plains, had been fatal for more people and domestic animals than even Al Gore had foreseen....

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