Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sea Monkeys

"To get the most out of your relationship with your Sea Monkeys you will want to keep them out of the sun. For external use only."

What the heck? Like I would ingest or otherwise insert the tablets into my body so I could grow sea monkeys where I couldn't 'see' them.

"When they're inside me, where it's dark. I walk around like Noah's Ark..." The old song came back to me and I laughed out loud. My son looked up at me, his eyes serious "What does it say, Mommy?"

"It says not to eat the sea monkeys."

"Is that funny?"

"No, not really. It just reminded me of an old song about animal crackers."

"Can we make the sea monkeys?"


I picked up the fish bowl now devoid of fish since Freddy died 5 days ago. Colin, 5 was still saddened by his pal's demise. I'd bought the sea monkeys and a book at a toy store in town while Colin was at school hoping that they would take his mind off of Freddy. I continued reading the instructions. "Warm tap water. Remove the chlorine..." we had well water so that was unnecessary. I gave the open packet to Colin. He very carefully took the tablet out and said to it "I don't know why they put you guys in medicine, but I hope you like your new home."

He dropped the tablet into the fish bowl and together we watched the Sea Monkeys come to life.

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